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Wow! I am truly blown away by the amount of emails we’ve received in such a short time since we posted our new “The Bearded Man Speaks” section. Reading through the pages of emails I noticed a pattern (no pun intended) everyone wants to be a designer huh? Is anyone interested in being a tailor, becoming a pattern maker or owning a factory? If you really want to penetrate the fashion industry and last, why not train in the craft of tailoring? Plan ahead. When all the great tailors move on to retirement, who will replace them? Not only will you have plenty of aspiring designers to sew for, you’ll be employed longer than many of them. The culture of tailoring is one that does not exist in urban American culture enough to inspire young Americans to aspire to be skilled tailors.
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chuuch!!! i think we can apply this philosophy to any industry in the world. i preach this to rappers, real estate agents, clothing designers, etc. the spotlight is great because that is what the media focuses on, but the people behind the scenes are just as important. there is a huge untapped market for people in the industry that they desire. the best part is that wait for success isn't as long and as tenuous to reach as the "top spot."

najee: this very statement by the bearded man reminds me of an argument that was popularized over 100 years ago. there was a discrepancy among two of the principal black leaders at the time. of course, i'm talking about booker t. washington and w.e.b. du bois. you should already know the story so i won't even go into the specifics of the two sides. basically, what you guys need to do is ride the booker t. washington wave. my generation is represented by a zeitgeist where folks don't want to earn a decent paycheck and advance their families and communities. that's not enough. we wanna be blue-bleeding liberals who have to be a part of the greater scheme of things...which is cool, but everyone can't be at the vanguard. as always, there's a lot more that I want to express on this subject but I don't want everyone to hate me for being a dream killer. i'll just go ahead & shut up now. meet us in the comment section if you want to elaborate on this...


  1. Alexander said...

    You know the Bearded Man is right, and more so was Booker T. Washington. I love food, absolutely love it...and i have always wanted to be a Chef (still do) But, i have been finding myself very interested in Vegetable Gardening, which in turn has to do with that larger can't cook without the food. That in its self for me is satisfactory enough, to know that i can grow food that people will greatly enjoy...

    Point is, not enough people want to take a different route ...but its about time we bring back hard work.

    honestly who wouldn't appreciate a well tailored suit, a perfect tasting vegetable, well written words.  


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