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At first glance you might say Circus are for clowns. If that's how you feel, then you haven't heard of Brooklyn Circus yet and we encourage you to get familiar with "Ouigi" and his Brooklyn Circus crew. One of the dopest brands out of Brooklyn, BKC represent the Style & Character that is embedded in that individual that is not afraid to laugh at themselves or be themselves. We recently caught up with Quincy "Ouigi" Theodore, who is the "Bearded Man" behind the whole BKC operation, for a little insight in to his brand. We must say BROOKLYN Circus definitely goes hard.

Tell us the inside story to spearheading the brand and your store?
Clothing is our means of communication but is simply the wardrobe to our lives and our quest to live 100+ years. The story is set out to unfold through a 100 years, no rush to being all over in a short time. We won't be around to physically see it, but that's the beauty in creating what we are creating. Our series of books, magazine and journals entitled "Changing of The Guards" will give you a better view of what the story is. It's our blog ( edited and in print.

Define trendsetter. Does your line adhere to your definition, why? People that set out to set trends and get credit for temporary swings. We are not trendsetters, trends come and go. Our interest is to build individual style, respect the shoulders we stand on and build permanent character.

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Alrighty, ladies here's your chance to win a SMC specific colorway in the Cubannie Links "Freedom Tri-Rings"{ a $70 gift!}.
The details: Email us a drawing or description of the perfect CL and SMC collabo. You must be specific and keep in mind the direction and culture of both brands. The best idea wins the earrings, and may get the opportunity to see the concept come to fruition!
Guys you can enter too! We will ship the earrings, so you don't have to be in Chicago. We look forward to all of your ideas!!
A decision will be made soon.
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