The Rocketeers are a hip-hop duo Darius “D-Win” Windfield on the mic (fromIndianapolis, IN) and Lance “Johnny Rocket” Howard (Chicago, IL). They are sill relitivley unknown on the well trodden Hip Hop circuit, with only 3 singles behind them; The infectious; “Saved By The Bell“, “Stupid Fresh”‘ & “Blue Clouds, White Skies“. Those three single alone managed to get the guys a MTVU Best Music on Campus Award nomination, Not to mention the support from best U.S blogs and websites. I managed to grab a few moments with the soon to be high flyers.   


C.Monts: Who came up with the name Rocketeers? 

JOHNNY ROCKET: Actually the name came from me just playing with the last part of my name. 

D-WIN: I use to go on Rockets Myspace page and it would say “Johnny Rocket & The Rocketeers” I originally thought he was part of a crew.

C.M: Where are you based? What ’s the scene like there? 

DW: I’m from Indianapolis, Indiana born and raised. We are based out of Chicago, the scene is amazing. Everyone here is hustling, and talented. Chicago has a good culture, living here has rubbed off on me in a good way.

JR: Chicago is pretty fashionable and somewhat different music wise.

C.M: How did you meet? 

DW: We met randomly on a bus. I over heard him (Rocket) having a conversation with his sister about music. I happened to be sitting beside him, and we exchanged numbers ands from there we formed The Rocketeers.

JT: Crazy Right?!

C.M: How would you describe The Rocketeers musical style? 

DW: Our music style is sonically pleasing.

JR: It’s mixed with alot of things from hip hop, r&b to alternative & pop all mixed in with weird.
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