apple is never running late!!!

if you are doing too much this computer is perfect for you. what did apple have in mind when they made this laptop you ask? well, this computer is for people who are editing photos in photoshop, instant messaging on ichat, and watching an episode of *enter favorite movie here* all at the same if you have too much going on in your life apple always has your best interests in mind!!!



Alrighty, ladies here's your chance to win a SMC specific colorway in the Cubannie Links "Freedom Tri-Rings"{ a $70 gift!}.
The details: Email us a drawing or description of the perfect CL and SMC collabo. You must be specific and keep in mind the direction and culture of both brands. The best idea wins the earrings, and may get the opportunity to see the concept come to fruition!
Guys you can enter too! We will ship the earrings, so you don't have to be in Chicago. We look forward to all of your ideas!!
A decision will be made soon.
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