color solves a reccession?

i was skimming thru one of my favorite sites as of late, the huffington post, and came across this article.
the author writes:
"According to the fashion industry, colorful clothing is the stimulus solution to our newfound spending blues. Ranging from rich bold hues like plum, hot pink, and neon orange to more muted palettes of coral, mustard yellow, lilac and nude, designers are banking on a cheery pop of color for the coming months to tempt American shoppers into pulling out that last credit card they haven't yet shredded.

"When the economy is tough, people want something that looks optimistic," says Michael Kors. "No matter how much doom and gloom goes on, they want to believe that anything is possible."

How do you all feel about this??

regardless of the state of the economy, I have been on a black kick, buying black turtle necks, dresses and pants. black is key for the fall/winter. i'm still spending, and don't think that color will change my habits. does it make a difference to you? do you feel better rocking a neon pink sweater? staerk

rag & bone
note: i do need both of these pants.


  1. Keisha Kornbread said...

    Tis the season for black, gray and dark blues. I won't be buying anything else for the rest of the year. I still have tons of stuff I have bought at Solemates and The Commonwealth with the tags still hanging on them.

    DAMN YOU, SOLEMATES, for taking all my money!!! DAMN YOU!!!  

  2. Diane said...

    I NEED that black coat!  

  3. Robert T. said...

    For your information, I do feel better when I rock a neon pink sweater. I know I ain't the only one!!!  


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