a silent film starring matt...

so everyone's real excited about the retail olympics. so excited that delirious shit talkin has commenced. matt came by today to give his fair share of diarhea thoughts. this was supposed to be his PSA on behalf of jugrnaut, but i accidentally recorded this with no sound.
i know. i'm a dork. but you really didn't want to hear all that ish anyway, i'm sure you hear enough lies in your day. i'll give you the abridged version:

matt: jugrnaut is gonna kill everybody. we're gonna zoom past everyone. blah, blah, blah. our team is so big and powerful. (gag)
autumn: how do you figure?
matt: the only person we have to worry about is najee. he can't carry the team by himself. who else is there?
autumn: don't forget about me and ash. we can run.
ashley: yeah, najee's gonna be blocking, while i'm sprinting pass everyone.
autumn: and brian. he's gonna be our quarter back.
matt: brian? quarter back? (makes face)
autumn: yeah. quarter back. he can throw 60yds sitting down!
matt: i understand thats your husband so you're going to defend him.
matt talks some more ish, then confuses his football and basketball moves.
matt: basically jugrnaut is gonna kill it. we're gonna take the trophy home. this message is for any and everyone watching. get prepared to lose. i just don't want anyone to be surprised.

so now, everyone send us your reply videos...with sound. please.


  1. Imaginary Player said...

    haha... look at the shit i started at jugrnaut.  

  2. B. Easy said...

    hahaha WTF, imma try my best to back up matt's shit talking but cotdayum, i ain't ready for alladat. . .lol, i'm a big dude. . . and a smoker. . .i need to get to the gym and get my najee on . . .wordupwards. . .hahah matt and his shit talking. . . lol  

  3. Matt said...

    Man Ashley messed everything up, AFTER not turning the sound on (so you cant really hear what i am saying) she messed up the transcript........But it's cool to be clear i was NOT shit talking i was giving doses of REALITY to the two lovely ladies that were working in the shop today just so they dont get their hopes up.........so no worries brian we got nothing to be worried about  

  4. Imaginary Player said...

    The shit has been talked Matt, no need to backpedal now... We don't need you getting all Bill Clinton and switching stances after you said they weren't ready.  

  5. Manny Muscles said...

    Dam I'm cleaning my spikes from the good old NIU days. Matt says to be ready to c what his back looks like!!



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