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as you all know, beginning in august we will be carrying public school, a higher-end men's street-culture brand out of nyc. we are definitely looking forward to getting this merch in, the quality is impeccable. you know we don't do large orders, and a few folks have already put in their requests, so don't sleep! i came across and interview with the public school crew on
josh spear, check it out... Rebellion, in any form, has a few consistent characteristics. The color black, for instance, is a common accomplice, as are hot tempers, cool demeanors, and five o'clock shadows. However, the most important element to rebellion is the one thing that has nothing to do with its surface, and everything to do with its soul.
That thing is energy, and it manifests itself in art, words, sounds, and – we would argue – in the new men's fashion line
Public School. Founded by Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne, two Sean John ex-pats, Public School embraces the attitude of young New York, utilizing the creative rebellion of the city's well-cultivated steam as its source of inspiration.
As Public School draws closer to its second season, it has become apparent that the line's expertly directed construction, touchable materials, and lust-worthy lines are here to stay. Join us as we chat with its two designers about their goals, their drive, and what it takes to make it all come together. The way you describe Public School on the website is almost philosophical. Can you tell us a little bit more about the brand's approach to culture, energy, and change?
Public School: Everything we do is a product of the culture we are immersed in. Music, film, art and fashion - its all energy, energy that we use for inspiration and try to put back into the world through our product.

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Alrighty, ladies here's your chance to win a SMC specific colorway in the Cubannie Links "Freedom Tri-Rings"{ a $70 gift!}.
The details: Email us a drawing or description of the perfect CL and SMC collabo. You must be specific and keep in mind the direction and culture of both brands. The best idea wins the earrings, and may get the opportunity to see the concept come to fruition!
Guys you can enter too! We will ship the earrings, so you don't have to be in Chicago. We look forward to all of your ideas!!
A decision will be made soon.
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