blackberry bold!!!

i may give up on the iphone for this one...the blackberry bold 9000 should be releasing sometime soon. i don't have a price on this yet but your local service provider should have some info on this masterpiece...
here's some of the highlights...
dimensions...114 x 66 x 14 mm
weight...133 grams
memory...1g storage memory 128 mb flash memory
messaging...mms, sms, email, instant messaging
media and video player (mp3, wma, aac, div x, wmv, xvid)...yep you can play movies!!!
voice memo
voice dial
edit documents
and a whole bunch of organizational tools


  1. Comfortable said...

    This piece has gotten good reviews by the reviewers who got its hands on it early.Blackberry's strengths cater to the corporate world and the i-phone strengths focus more towards multimedia. Blackbery keyboard is more efficient as well.
    I'm gonna try it out(love consumer rights!) but if its garbage I'm sticking with my i-phone.  

  2. Shamira-Christine said...

    wow! i'm so glad i held out on getting the iPhone (since i would have to leave my beloved carrier Verizon); i'll wait until they get this phone so i can stick with a bberry and be bold...(corny, right?)  

  3. Beedee said...

    Come ooooon tmobile! (wishful thinking of course, lol)  


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