hip hop is not dead!!!

since the old heads think that hip hop is dead solemates...chicago and the brooklyn circus would like to show you that the culture is not deceased and hip hop's heart is pumping well...through our blog and lifestyle store you and i will keep it alive and off the respirator. solemates...chicago will keeping you in tune with the new/old music, various street artist and dancers, and everything else to keep you fresh!!! so here is some more music to download for your listening enjoyment (disclaimer: solemates...chicago likes more than rap music so we will be posting a lil bit of everything on here in the future so don't trip if rap isn't your thing, we'll take of you too)

first we have to rep for the fallen comrades in the game...big l, 2pac, big pun, j dilla and biggie

this first track is from big l and the children of the corn...if your not up on c.o.c you need to recognize this could have been one of the great groups of the 90's. children of the corn consisted of big l, bloodshed, killa cam(yeah the one that likes pink), and murda mase (yeah the pastor). This is a freestyle off of the stretch armstrong and bobbito show...
children of the corn freestyle (bobbito show)

next up we have one of the most influential artists of our time. 2pac also was also the center controversy in the rap game and several media issues. when 2pac died there was alot of unreleased makaveli (2pac) music that leaked and was bootlegged heavily. here is one of the unreleased track from makaveli 3 taking shots at biggie during the east coast vs. west coast marketing scheme.
makaveli-f***in with the wrong n***a

this guy we are highlighting next had a flow like no other. his style was extremely impressive and his lyrics were sharp like razor blades. the one we speak of is big pun. his unfortunate death came because of health reasons...so watch what you eat and exercise. here is one of my favorites songs from pun over dr. dre's deep cover beat.
big pun-twinz (98 deep cover)

when i think of hot producers premo, dr. dre, the rza, kanye, and pharrell come to mind. however j dilla out of detroit is probably my personal favorite. whether you needed a backpacker type sound (whatever that is) or something a lil more gutta, dilla had that. here is a song from his album ruff draft. most of us can relate to this song in one way or another. please go support j.d and pick that album up (don't steal it off the net, dilla is watching you from above)
j dilla-crushin(yeeeaaahhh!!!)

we had to save the best for last...biggie enough said...this is dj premier's remix of machine gun funk...hot fiyah
notorious b.i.g-machine gun funk (dj premier remix)


  1. j said...

    i totally agree with you, hip hop is NOT dead! it's just taking a different direction, not the usual thong-slinging, booty-clapping, dom sipping, grill-wearing hip hop anymore. it's all about the underground hip hop, the emcees that have something to say, be it political, social, racial, it's going back to a purpose. but, it's still fun!

    since you're my kind of guy, you should totally check out the Yaris VS Yaris DJ Battle / Custom Sneaker battle @ the Alhambra Palace on June 28th with judges from Kenzo to DJ Clark Kent and performaces by Dice Raw (The Roots) to Truck North.

    best thing: it's free, all you gotta do is RSVP @ http://www.yarisversusyaris.com .

    this is going to be pure underground hip-hop at its best.

    checks it out, because if i still lived out there i would so be there.

    and who doesn't love another night to party in the name of promoting new artists?  


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